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Professional Servicing and Maintenance Solutions

At Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring your comfort with our specialised servicing and maintenance solutions tailored to a wide range of heating and cooling systems. From ducted heating maintenance to air conditioning repairs on the Mornington Peninsula, our team has you covered.

Our Services

We know just how important thorough and regular maintenance is in order to keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently. Our experienced technicians are skilled in maintaining a variety of systems, including heat recovery ventilators, hydronic heating, refrigerated air conditioning, ducted air conditioning and much more. Read more about the systems we service and maintain below.

Ducted Heating & Cooling

Our servicing and maintenance for ducted air con on the Mornington Peninsula ensures consistent comfort throughout your home. We clean ducts, inspect insulation, and fine-tune your system to provide efficient cooling without any disruptions.

Refrigerated Heating & Cooling

With our servicing and maintenance options for refrigerated air conditioning on the Mornington Peninsula, we guarantee that your system will be running smoother and more efficiently than ever. We clean filters, inspect components, and address any potential issues to keep your system performing as it should.

Split System Heating & Cooling

Our expert team provide personalised servicing and maintenance for split system air conditioning. We clean filters, inspect units, and ensure that your cooling needs are met with reliability and efficiency. Keep you split system in peak condition, with Peninsula heating and Cooling Solutions.

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Systems

At Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, our variable refrigerant volume systems maintenance offers an in-depth system care solution. We assess refrigerant levels, clean coils, and optimise the system for peak performance, ensuring that your VRV heating and cooling on the Mornington Peninsula is running smoothly.

AirSmart Indoor Environment Systems

Our maintenance options for small duct systems ensures precision heating and cooling. We clean and inspect ducts, check refrigerant levels, and fine-tune your system to provide you with efficient and even cooling throughout your living space.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Our servicing and maintenance for heat recovery ventilator systems will ensure that the air you breathe is fresh and healthy. Our technicians will clean the filters, inspect ventilation components, and perform necessary repairs to maintain optimal air quality and energy efficiency from your system. With our heating repairs on the Mornington Peninsula, your heat recovery ventilator system is in good hands.

Hydronic Heating

Our experts are highly trained in servicing hydronic heating on the Mornington Peninsula. With our servicing and maintenance, we ensure that your system is free from issues that can impact its performance. From checking pumps and valves to ensuring proper water circulation, our thorough approach guarantees that your hydronic heating is performing optimally.

Gas Ducted Heating

We provide servicing and maintenance for gas ducted heating on the Mornington Peninsula, guaranteeing warmth even on the coldest days. We’ll inspect components, clean filters, and address any pressing issues to ensure your gas ducted heating system operates at its best.

We suggest scheduling servicing every one to two years to guarantee peak performance. Consistent maintenance helps to eliminate problems, enhance efficiency, and ensure the longevity of your systems.

Yes, our experienced technicians are trained to service and maintain systems from various brands, including Daikin, Stiebel Eltron, Airsmart, and more.

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At Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, we take utmost pride in providing comprehensive servicing and maintenance solutions for an extensive array of heating and cooling solutions. Leveraging our profound experience and commitment to customer service, you can confidently trust us with the task of optimising and maintaining your heating and cooling systems, so they operate efficiently at all times. Contact us today to schedule your servicing and maintenance appointment and extend the operational lifespan of your heating and cooling systems.