PHACS Extended Warranty: Protecting Comfort with Confidence

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Are HVAC extended warranties worth it?

As a conscientious homeowner, the responsibility of ensuring the seamless operation of your heating and cooling systems lies squarely on your shoulders. Regular maintenance, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, and proactive engagement with essential tasks such as replacing batteries, clearing air inlets, and maintaining cleanliness are imperative. However, with the ever-present possibility of unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions, the question arises: Are extended warranties on HVAC worth it?

Understanding your extended warranty program requirements

Our HVAC extended warranty program, spanning an impressive 7 years at Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, offers a safety net for homeowners seeking peace of mind and protection against unforeseen costs.

An extended 7-year warranty on a heating and cooling system offers substantial benefits, surpassing the industry-standard 5-year warranty in several key aspects. However, it is important to highlight that the warranty works best when customers take care of specific tasks. 

You can ensure the ongoing optimal performance of your newly installed heating and cooling system(s) by engaging in the regular maintenance of a licenced Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions technician every two years.

By taking this simple step, you unlock the full potential of our extended warranty, safeguarding your investment for an extended period.

Our comprehensive 2 yearly service includes: 

  • Thorough cleaning of filters,
  • Inspection of electrical components,
  • Evaluation of refrigerant pressure and performance,
  • Assessment of unit current draw
  • Precise tightening of electrical connections.

*Terms and conditions apply

Convenience, peace of mind and protection

The benefit of our Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions HVAC extended warranty programs is the convenience and support it offers. In the dynamic world of heating and cooling solutions, Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions strives for excellence and customer satisfaction. Our 7-year extended warranty not only sets an industry standard but also reflects our unwavering belief in the quality of our products and the expertise of our installers.

Peace of mind cannot be overstated. Knowing that your HVAC system is covered against unexpected costs and major repairs eliminates the stress that often accompanies unforeseen malfunctions. Having an extended warranty translates to predictable budgeting, shielding you from financial surprises related to your heating and cooling systems.

Long term investment protection and hassle-free service

Consider an HVAC extended warranty as a shield for your long-term investment. It safeguards against the uncertainties that might arise during the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems. With Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, hassle-free repairs, replacements, and service are part and parcel of the extended warranty package, ensuring that you can enjoy the comfort of your home without the constant worry of unforeseen expenses.

Our 7 year warranty extends to the following brands:

Other benefits of regular HVAC Maintenance

Beyond the protective umbrella of our extended warranties, routine maintenance of your heating and cooling systems has additional advantages:

1. Preventing Major Breakdowns: Regular maintenance can identify potential issues before they escalate into major breakdowns.

2. Optimising Performance: A well-maintained system operates at peak efficiency, delivering optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

3. Improving Indoor Air Quality: Clean filters and well-maintained components contribute to better indoor air quality, promoting a healthier living environment.

4. Ensuring Consistent Comfort: Well-maintained systems provide consistent heating and cooling, enhancing your overall comfort at home.

5. Mitigating Wear and Tear: Regular upkeep reduces wear and tear on components, extending the overall lifespan of your HVAC systems.

6. Reducing Environmental Impact: An efficiently running system consumes less energy, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint.

7. Keeping Energy Costs Down: Efficiency translates to lower energy bills, providing financial relief in the long run.

Our HVAC extended warranty program is a multifaceted one. Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, through its 7-year extended warranty, offers not only protection against unexpected costs but also a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When paired with regular maintenance, you can enjoy the comfort of your home with the confidence that your HVAC systems are not only covered, but optimised for peak performance and longevity. 

If peace of mind is your priority, a heating and cooling extended warranty is worth it. With our extended warranty program, you not only invest in the longevity of your system but also secure a future with robust financial security and assurance. 

Contact us today to learn more about our heating and cooling extended warranty program.