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The team at Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions extends far beyond mere specialisation in heating and cooling services. As Blairgowrie HVAC Experts, we stand as your committed partner in upholding the perfect indoor environment. With over 20 years’ expertise, we provide tailored heating and cooling solutions for residences and businesses across Blairgowrie and its neighbouring communities.


Reach and uphold the perfect temperatures effortlessly with our array of heating solutions, ranging from ducted heating to VRV and hydronic heating for homes and businesses in Blairgowrie and the wider Peninsula.


Keep your cool through the warmer seasons with our split systems and reverse cycle ducted air con in Blairgowrie and the surrounding suburbs.

Service and Maintenance

Protect your investment in your heating and cooling system, reduce energy consumption, and guarantee your heating and cooling systems run smoothly with our Blairgowrie HVAC maintenance services.


Our Blairgowrie Heating & Cooling Specialists

With a rich history spanning two decades, our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art heating and cooling solutions to residences and businesses in Blairgowrie and neighbouring suburbs across the Peninsula. Our product line-up features industry-leading Daikin reverse cycle air conditioners, split systems, as well as the Brivis gas ducted and evaporative ranges. Customised to suit any residential or commercial environment, our highly proficient team is dedicated to fulfilling your heating and cooling needs with unparalleled expertise.

Heating & Cooling Specialists
Why Choose us ?

What Makes Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions the Number 1 Choice?

With a devoted team fuelled by a passion for heating and cooling on the Mornington Peninsula, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier products and unmatched service. Continuously embracing and pushing industry boundaries, we strive to raise our standards consistently. Acknowledging that customer satisfaction is paramount alongside our product offerings, we aim for excellence in every aspect of our service. If you are on the hunt for a dependable heating and cooling expert in Blairgowrie or other local suburbs, please reach out to us today.

Client Testimonials

Real-Life Happy Customers

Our exceptional service and dedication to our clients are sources of immense pride for us. Continue reading to discover testimonials straight from some of our valued clients.

Heating and Cooling Servicing and Maintenance
Regular Maintenance Advantages:
Enhance indoor air quality
Sustain optimal system efficiency
Extend the lifespan of your product
Ensure consistent comfort
Decrease repair costs
Protect warranty coverage
Boost energy savings
Reduce environmental footprint

Blairgowrie Heating and Cooling Servicing and Maintenance

Following the installation of our products, we stand ready to assist you with any requirements that may emerge. Our dedication extends to continual provision of technical assistance, programming support, as well as preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs for our Mornington Peninsula clients.

To maintain peak performance, efficiency, and longevity of your system, it’s recommended to arrange HVAC maintenance at least once or twice annually.

Keep an eye out for indications like inconsistent heating or cooling, unusual sounds emanating from the system, or a sudden increase in your energy bills. These signs often signify underlying issues that may necessitate the expertise of professional HVAC repair services in Blairgowrie or the Mornington Peninsula.

Fostering energy efficiency is paramount for both financial savings and environmental responsibility. Our adept technicians excel in optimising heating and cooling systems, suggesting insulation enhancements or upgrades, and integrating smart controls to reduce energy usage while enhancing comfort levels.

Enhancing indoor air quality begins with installing an heating and cooling system fitted with high-quality air filters. You can also adhere to consistent cleaning routines, and consider incorporating additional air purification solutions to cultivate healthier living at home.


Explore solutions to the most commonly asked questions regarding heating and cooling services in Blairgowrie. If you require further information, feel free to reach out to us directly for personalised assistance.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Whether you’re in urgent need or seeking to upgrade to an energy-saving system to cut down on your utility costs, we offer flexible buy now, pay later solutions, enabling you to take action promptly without financial constraints.

Experience Unrivalled Peace of Mind with our 7 Year Extended Warranty

At Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions, our commitment to exceptional service is more than just our words. As a testament to our dedication to our valued clients, we proudly offer an extraordinary 7-year extended warranty on select products within our range. Whilst a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is standard in the industry, our unwavering confidence in our quality drives us to raise the bar. We not only stand behind the excellence of the systems we install but also the expertise of our installers. This allows us to provide an additional 2-year warranty, setting new standards for trust and satisfaction. As long as you uphold your regular product maintenance schedule, you can enjoy the benefits of our extended warranty. Terms and conditions may apply.

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