Your Bayside Heating and Cooling Experts

Discover comprehensive indoor comfort solutions in Bayside with Peninsula Heating
and Cooling Solutions. With over two decades of experience, we’re not just experts;
we’re your dedicated partners in maintaining the ideal indoor climate. Tailoring our
heating and cooling solutions to suit Bayside homes and businesses, our team is
committed to ensuring your year-round comfort.


Experience perfect warmth with our range of cutting-edge ducted heating, VRV systems, and hydronic heating solutions designed to suit properties in Bayside.


Escape the heat this summer with our array of split systems and reverse cycle ducted air conditioning options, designed to keep your Bayside home or business cool and comfortable.

Service and Maintenance

Elevate the lifespan of your system, conserve energy, and maintain peak efficiency through our comprehensive heating and cooling maintenance services in Bayside.


Our Dedicated Bayside Heating and Cooling Experts

With over 20 years of experience, our aim is to deliver high-quality heating and cooling solutions in Bayside. We proudly present leading brands like Daikin reverse cycle air conditioners, versatile split systems, and the Brivis gas ducted and evaporative ranges. Tailoring solutions for every home or office environment, our team of professionals are here to cater to all of your Bayside heating and cooling needs.

Heating & Cooling Specialists
Why Choose us ?

Why Choose Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions in Bayside?

As your local experts in Bayside heating and cooling, we are dedicated to providing you with premium products and unparalleled service. We constantly challenge industry standards, while prioritising your experience and providing high quality products. Experience the full package with Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions.

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Our commitment to exceptional service and excellence is evident through the words of our satisfied clients. Here’s what they have to say.

Heating and Cooling Servicing and Maintenance
Advantages of Regular Maintenance:
Enhance indoor air quality
Optimise system efficiency
Prolong product lifespan
Maintain consistent comfort
Reduce repair costs
Safeguard warranties
Save energy and protect the environment

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

For our team of experts, the job is not complete after the installation. We can offer ongoing technical assistance, preventive maintenance, and repairs to ensure your Bayside heating and cooling systems will continue to operate flawlessly.

Regular maintenance, ideally once or twice a year, will ensure optimal performance and durability for your HVAC system.

Watch out for uneven heating/cooling, unusual sounds coming from your system, and increased energy bills, as these are all signs that you may require professional HVAC repair in Bayside.

Efficiency equals savings and sustainability. Our experts specialise in optimising HVAC systems, suggesting insulation upgrades and smart controls to minimise energy usage while maximising comfort.

Elevate indoor air quality through high-grade HVAC systems, proper ventilation, regular cleaning, and additional air purification solutions. Experience healthier living environments in your Bayside home.


Find answers to common HVAC questions in Bayside. If your question isn’t discussed here, feel free to contact us directly.

Experience Comfort Now, Pay Later

Whether urgency strikes or you’re looking at installing an energy-efficient system as fast as possible, our buy now, pay later solutions will ensure that you receive immediate comfort without delay.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind with Our 7-Year Extended Warranty

At Peninsula Heating and Cooling Solutions (PHACS), our commitment to excellence goes above and beyond. We proudly offer an extraordinary 7-year extended warranty on selected products from Brivis, Rinnai, and Daikin. Setting new standards, our belief in quality extends beyond the usual 5-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in both our systems and our expert installers. As long as your system is regularly maintained, you’ll receive our extended warranty.

Terms and conditions apply.

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